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Follow Jon and Phil on their mission to help marketers level up and have successful careers in the constantly evolving world of martech.

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50: How do you stay happy at work and balance home life? Humans of Martech

  1. 50: How do you stay happy at work and balance home life?
  2. 49: How to get to 50 episodes on your podcast
  3. 48: When to quit your job and follow your North Star

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Our Hosts

We’re two SaaS marketers passionate about helping early marketers level up to managers by discovering the constantly evolving world of marketing technology.

This show isn’t about us pretending to be marketing influencers or thought leaders. We’re just two guys who’ve been incredibly lucky to experience rapid career growth and we want to help you get there too.

Jonathan Taylor

I’ve been an in-house Marketer, a Marketing Manager, a Marketing Operations Consultant, a Technical SEO Consultant, a Revenue Operations Director and a Marketing Director. I currently work at Klipfolio, a dashboard tool for data-driven marketers.

Phil Gamache

I’ve been a Demand-gen Manager, a Marketing Automation Manager, a Marketing Director, a Marketing Technology Instructor, a Marketing Ops Manager and a Director of Growth Marketing. I currently work at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com.

Episode topics

We’re going to talk about the real stuff. The money you’ll make, the battles you’ll fight, the allies you’ll build and the hustle and passion you’ll need to thrive. If you’re serious about carving a craft in one of the most exciting and in demand industries, join us on our quest to get more humans into martech.

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Guest Episodes

We also talk with Martech pros from all over the globe wearing all different kinds of hats. From early marketers at startups to senior leaders at huge SaaS companies, we cover insights across the board.

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