75: Mike Rizzo: Building resilient Marketing Ops through community

Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Mike Rizzo, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who’s done as much for the marketing Ops community. He’s the founder of MarketingOps.com, taking a community-led approach to building career resources that are purpose-built for MO Pros.More

70: Exploring new paths to future-proof your marketing career in the age of AI

Ask yourself if you should double down on additional areas like data and API services, getting closer to product and customers or starting to learn about ethics and data privacy. Today we’ll help you reflect on different options to investigate as you navigate through this future landscape and what job titles of the future might be in store for marketers.More

68: How fast could AI change or replace marketing jobs?

It’s not like our jobs are gonna vanish overnight, but the shift is happening faster than many of us realize. AI’s no longer just a loosely backed buzzword; it’s doing things today that we used to think were impossible. So, as marketers, we’ve gotta take this tech seriously.More