About us

We’re two marketers passionate about helping early and mid career marketers level up to managers and directors by discovering the constantly evolving world of marketing technology.

This show isn’t about us pretending to be marketing influencers or thought leaders. We’re just two guys who’ve been incredibly lucky to experience rapid career growth and we want to help you get there too.

Jonathan Taylor

I’ve been an in-house Marketer, a Marketing Manager, a Marketing Operations Consultant, a Technical SEO Consultant, a Revenue Operations Director and a Marketing Director. I currently work as a consultant focusing on SEO, content, demand gen, automation and all that fun stuff.

Phil Gamache

I’ve been a Demand-gen Manager, a Marketing Automation Manager, a Marketing Director, a Marketing Technology Instructor, a Marketing Ops Manager and a Director of Growth Marketing. I currently work at Quit Genius, the #1 digital clinic for substance addictions, focused on growth and engagement.