95: Battle of the CDPs: Packaged vs. Composable, 10 Experts Weigh In

The debate between packaged and composable CDPs boils down to a trade-off between out-of-the-box functionality and tailored flexibility, with industry opinions divided on what offers greater long-term value. Key factors to consider are company needs and data team size. But if you do decide to explore the composable route, consider tools that focus on seamless integration and adaptability rather than those who claim to replace existing CDPs.More

94: Ryan Gunn: HubSpot Cheat Codes, AI Features, Attribution and Documentation

Gaining practical skills from HubSpot’s developer portal is critical—certifications alone won’t cut it. If keeping up with martech changes overwhelms your in-house team, specialized consultancies offer a reservoir of constantly updated expertise. Sound documentation serves as the bedrock of your internal processes, setting you up for long-term success.More

86: Deanna Ballew: Embracing open source composable martech, AI literacy and qualitative insights

Deanna demystifies martech jargon, highlighting DAM for digital asset management and DXP for personalized user experiences. She weighs packaged vs. composable solutions, underlining the role of company-specific dynamics. Emphasizing innovation, she points to AI and customer feedback as key guides. Deanna underscores AI’s potential to elevate marketers, and champions qualitative data for a richer marketing narrative.More