94: Ryan Gunn: HubSpot Cheat Codes, AI Features, Attribution and Documentation

Gaining practical skills from HubSpot’s developer portal is critical—certifications alone won’t cut it. If keeping up with martech changes overwhelms your in-house team, specialized consultancies offer a reservoir of constantly updated expertise. Sound documentation serves as the bedrock of your internal processes, setting you up for long-term success.More

91: David Chan: How dual-zone approach and journey orchestration are reshaping CDPs

Expect to reevaluate the roles of older platforms in your martech stack as CDPs get smarter. And if your organization’s data strategy resembles more of a herding cats scenario than a well-oiled machine, maybe it’s time to look into that dual-zone approach. It’s a way to make sure everyone from your IT folks to your marketing creatives are playing from the same strategic playbook.More