46: Danica Bateman: A day in the life of a Marketing Automation Manager

Today we’re joined by Danica Bateman, Marketing Automation Manager at net2phone where she holds the keys to Salesforce Pardot, one of the biggest marketing automation platforms on the market. She walks us through the skills she gained in her early journey specializing in marketing automation by surrounding herself with great mentors, family and friends.

Danica’s a product of Dalhousie University where she studied Commerce with a major in Marketing Management and completed 3 Coop work terms: first with Excel HR, Syntax strategic and finally Canada Post. 

Those internships landed her a marketing strategist position at Versature, now net2phone Canada, a local cloud business phone service provider.

She’s spent almost 3 years there and has been through a big acquisition. She’ll probably agree that in her time there one of her biggest projects was a big re-branding to net2phone. Danica was promoted last year to Marketing Automation manager where she holds the keys to Salesforce Pardot, one of the biggest marketing automation platforms on the market. 

She’s certified by SEMRush, Hubspot and Google and she’s also a lights-out brilliant copywriter. 

Danica, thanks for logging out of pardot for a bit and chatting with us!

Here are the questions we asked Danica 

Marketers like to make fun of formal business degrees because of how far removed they are from the practical world? 

What are things that can be self taught that were useful in your first role that you didn’t learn in your degree? 

What are things you are super thankful you picked up? 

Walk us through a day in the life, what’s your typical schedule look like? 

What are some of your favorite projects so far? 

What advice do you have for marketers looking to transition into marketing automation? 

How have you invested in your personal development? 

What do you wish you had known before starting a career in marketing? 

You joined your company in an entry level role and last year you were promoted to MA manager. Walk us through things you think helped you get promoted and gain trust among your peers?  

We always end by asking our guests what ti-s they have for maintaining a healthy and balanced life?

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