37: Shannon McCluskey: Searching for remote martech pros

Shannon McCluskey is an analytical marketing leader at the top of her game counting 10+ years of martech experience with amazing SaaS companies. She works out of Vancouver but is originally from Ottawa, she’s got a Bcom from the UofO and a masters in digital technology from university of Waterloo.

She got her early start in marketing and UX at Fluidware, an Ottawa based startup with the same founders that are now behind Fellow.app. Fluidware was later acquired by SurveyMonkey where Shannon went on to spend almost 3 years in marketing ops where she worked with some of the top Marketo experts in the world.

She went on to run the remote Ops team at an HR SaaS called Visier for almost 4 years. Shannon is currently Marketing Ops Manager at Clio – a distributed cloud-based legal tech company and she’s building an awesome team with interesting open roles right now.

She’s certified by Marketo, Salesforce and Demandbase. She’s spoken at top marketing conferences like the martech conference in San Jose.

Shannon– thanks for taking the time to chat with us today!

– Your journey from Ottawa startup to Survey Monkey > Visier and now Clio

– What’s Clio and what does your team do, how do you market to lawyers

– How a remote company of 600 people is run, how your MOPs team is run

– What advice do you have for aspiring MOPs professionals? How do you know this path is right for you?

– Are you getting lots of applications, what are your thoughts on the supply and demand of martech talen right now?

– Describe the current role / pitch the opportunity on your team

– Give us an example a project someone on your team would own, like a campaign a nurture, a data hygiene program or a compliance program

– In the posting, the JT is specialist, but looking at the exp and the skills required, you’re considering both early marketers willing to learn at the same time as a more seasoned IC with MKTO + SFDC experience. How do you balance that, how do you pick?

– The stack you’re building with

– You lead a team, you’re a frequent speaker and a constant learner, you also have a busy personal life, you’re a mom working from home, how do you balance everything you have going on in your life to stay happy.

Shannon on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannonmccluskeyThe Marketing Operations Specialist posting: https://boards.greenhouse.io/goclio/jobs/3142437 All job openings on Clio: https://boards.greenhouse.io/goclio


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