41: Manuela Barcenas: From first marketer to team manager

What’s up everyone, today on the show we are joined by another local favorite marketer, Manuel Bárcenas.

She’s a personal growth enthusiast and a startup marketer on a mission to help managers & their teams work better together.

By the age of 18, Manuela had lived in three different countries: Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. In 2014, she decided it was time for a new challenge and moved to Canada. She’s a journalism and communications graduate of Carleton here in Ottawa.

She caught the startup marketing bug pretty early interning with Startup Canada right out of school and then working as a community developer at Carleton University. 

In 2018, Manuela was marketing hire #1 at Fellow.app one of the hottest startups in Ottawa. She’s been living the startup marketing life for nearly 3 years.

At Fellow, she helped launch the successful Supermanagers podcast, she runs a huge newsletter (Manager TLDR newsletter) and self taught Hubspot and Google Analytics and much more.

Manuela is a rising star and a must follow on marketing Twitter, she tweets about mindset, marketing and management.

Manuela, thanks so much for coming on the show.

Early journey

  • When you started at Fellow as the first marketer, did you have any idea what you’d be doing? Bring us back in time to your first couple months at Fellow.
  • What was/did you have a ‘calling moment’ for marketing tech / marketing
  • What was your biggest hurdle(s) as a 1 person marketing team and how did you adjust as the team grew
  • When you look at the t-shaped marketer today, where do you see your specialty and how that’s evolved in the last 3 years

Marketing tech 

  • Your journey learning Hubspot and other tools 
  • The newsletter and the podcast. Talk to us about the engine behind the scenes and the growth of both of these huge projects


  • Talk us through your journey of writing and learning about management and then becoming a manager yourself and now leading a team
  • What advice do you have for early marketers that want to become managers?
  • We always end by asking how you balance everything in your life and how do you stay happy 🙂

Some awesome tweets from Manuela:

Manuela on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manuelabarcenas/  Manuela on Twitter: https://twitter.com/manuelabarcenas

Fellow.app: https://fellow.app/
Supermanagers Podcast: https://fellow.app/supermanagers/
Fellow blog: https://fellow.app/blog/
Manager TL;DR Newsletter: https://fellow.app/newsletter/


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