26: Melissa Ledesma: Women of Martech

Women of Martech is a community of 800+ members with a mission to increase the recognition of the power of women in the martech industry and their contributions to innovate and move the industry forward. Executive Director, Melissa Ledesma joins us to share her origin story and how the community provides encouragement for women in martech.

Today’s episode features a call-to-action for our listeners: take a few moments, check out Women of Martech, and share it with someone you think could benefit. 

We’re joined by Melissa Ledesma, Executive Director of Women of Martech. Here’s an overview of her bio:  Melissa Ledesma

  • Director Of Content & Comms at DMS (Digital Media Solutions), a leading global ad-tech enabled performance advertising company
  • She’s also Executive Director of Women of Martech
  • Before the ad world, she spent several years in real estate, mortgage and entertainment playing different PR/event, email marketing roles.
  • she works out of New Jersey and spends a good chunk of her time giving back, recently being named to the Board of Directors of her local Boys and Girls Clubs to enrich education and training of at risk children and teens

Women of Martech’s mission is concrete and actionable: to raise the profile of the women and their achievements in the world of Martech.

Melissa walks us through how the Women of Martech community is helping women at all stages of their career to reach that next level. From member spotlights and insider resources to connecting with a vast network of 800+ martech pros, this community is like a superpower for your career.

Intro music by Wowa via Unminus

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