24: Why marketers should learn to code

Ever get stuck waiting on a dev to update a small piece of code to fix a form/email/webpage?How about the confidence that comes from speaking at eye-level with development?

Marketers have so much to gain from learning even a baseline of code.

In this episode, JT is going to make the case on why you should learn some code, and I’m going to introduce you to a new community focused on helping marketers learn to code.

Dude, you are always talking to me about coding. Share with our listeners your own journey.

What is unique about marketers wanting to learn how to code?

How hard is it to learn coding?

It’s going to take time to learn to code. How do you stay motivated over the long-haul?

Detach learning to code form your career — make it a side-hobby with no implications on your job

Devil’s advocate: why not just spin up a WordPress.com website or some other no-code option?

Intro music by Wowa via Unminus

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