23: Don Draper style storytelling in your presentations


Do you think there is still a place for Don Draper-style storytelling presentations in the 2021 remote marketing world? Totally. Spoiler: They don’t always need to be beautiful but your presentations need a compelling story.

In this series we profile a recent marketing grad or a current student and answer some of their most pressing questions about the world of martech and how to be happy in your future marketing career.

Sonya Gankina, listener and recent University of Ottawa graduate joins the show as our fourth and final #topmartechprospect.

Sonya’s question for us:

Do you think there is still a place for Don Draper-style verbal presentations in the 2021 remote marketing world?

I’m mildly ashamed to adminit I’ve watched all 92 Mad Men episodes at least twice. This is my favorite scene out of all the episodes. The Kodak carousel is the perfect example of how to tell a compelling story. 

Your average marketer would’ve described the new Kodak product as a NEW revolutionary slide projector. You can take a TON of pictures and put them into slides and you can share them with a room of people.

But instead, Don took a different approach.

“This device is not a spaceship, it’s a time machine. It takes us to a place we ache to go again. It lets us travel around and around and back home again, a place we know we are loved.”

The full clip is worth the watch to get the full emotional punches.

Show notes:
Reach out to Sonya on LinkedIn for a coffee or to connect
You can visit Sonya’s website and check out her digital marketing services and creative portfolio

Intro music by Wowa via Unminus

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