20: The starter pack for new digital marketers


What does your “starter pack” for digital marketers” look like? Our take on the Reddit meme includes last minute change button, marketo loading bars, fire extinguishers, manager in your title, and more.

In this series we profile a recent marketing grad or a current student and answer some of their most pressing questions about the world of martech and how to be happy in your future marketing career. 

Justin Silver, listener and University of Ottawa student joins the show as our first featured #topmartechprospect.

Justin’s question for us: What does your “starter pack” for digital marketers” look like?
Check out the meme we used to answer this question.

Posting on Reddit: “how do I get a job without experience?”. Don’t post this question on social. Want experience? Market yourself. Build a website. Build a social media audience.

Last minute changes. Despite a documented process, there’s always a last minute campaing request to hit quota. You just have to embrace it. Email is fast, but use it wisely.

Manager in your title. Everyone is a marketing manager these days. Marketing has it’s own milatiristic understanding of rank. Marketers love to invent titles for themselves. You need to realise that titles are secondary to the things you build.

Friendly reminders. Are you really running a marketing operations project if you aren’t sending weekly “friendly reminders” to people who have missed deadlines?

ABM. Email everyone in the company, with the same unpersonnalized email, non stop. Don’t. Do. This.

Fire extinguisher. Carve out some firefighting time on your calendar if you’re in MOPs. Things break. Things suddenly become priorities.

Looking at the martech landscape and thinking “I need one of each”. FOMO in martech is a real thing. I’m not using x or y and I’m missing out. Digital marketing isn’t about having all of the tech. It’s about using your tech to the most that you can.

Pocket talk translator for integrating tools together. Your CRM calls them leads, your marketing automation tool calls them people, your analytics tool calls them users. Translation required.

Gotta get on {{insert.popular.trend}}. Bernie Mitts expired in what? 2 days? You don’t have to be an early adopter for everything.

Loading screens for days. Whether it’s a big Marketo insteance or a long time frame report in GA, marketers battle with slow reports every day. You shouldn’t need a gaming PC to run your automation software.

Show notes:
Justin’s LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/justin-silver-14b393108
Justin’s site: https://bit.ly/3cCSMPk
Conference mentioned: Legacy conference.

Intro music by Wowa via Unminus

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