16: Lifecycle: A Martech Saga part 5: No sales people were harmed in the making of your lifecycle

Every Mops/CRM needs lifecycle in some form or another to function optimally. You cannot make lifecycle work long term if you don’t partner with sales, not dictate to them, not train them, not get ‘buy-in’, you’ve got to partner with them.

It’s super easy to over-engineer lifecycle and to underthink sales component… but let’s end on a lighter note 🙂

JT you’ve done this project a ton in HubSpot & Marketo both client-side and in-house. 

Who usually leads this internally (sales, marketing, other functions)?

I can explain it to you but not understand it for you; this project is a distraction to sales; sales sees themselves as revenue drivers — and who in your organization is closer to putting 0’s on your paycheck?

Common concern of sales is the limited bandwidth and massive distraction, not too mention refactoring their daily rhythm. 

If sales isn’t bought in, it’s because it’s not valuable // full-stop. 

If you can’t get a partner in sales, then you need to see that as feedback. It’s painful but sales has got to see the value in this or you’ll never get this off the ground. 

(we then dive into some examples of going off the rails).

Deeper dive into lifecycle stages and contact status // road map versus traffic light analogy.

Thanks for checking out our lifeycle martech saga! Let us know what we should dive into for our next saga!

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