10: Nick Donaldson: Curiosity, learning & success in your MOPs career

MOPs is an amazing career, and the number 1 skill you need is curiosity. Nick got his start owning a Marketo instance and rapidly acquired the skills required to be a MOPs leader in one of Canada’s hottest startups.

From a strong foundation in-house, Nick has moved consulting side, and will compare notes about why the switch may be one you should think about in your career.

Nick is a highly talented marketing ops professional.

He started his career in marketing with a quick stint in a creative agency before spending the better part of the next 6 years of his career working in-house for companies of different sizes and different industries. 

Nick brings a lot of passion and enthusiasm to his work which has helped him rapidly learn the world of martech.

Nick really came into his own working at Solace in the tech industry where he picked up Marketo and hasn’t looked back since. 

Nick recently made the move back to the agency world where he’ll be a Consultant at Perkuto.

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