04: Handwriting makes better digital marketers

We need to seek more opportunities to get away from our screens and skillfully practice our craft. Handwriting is the perfect way to become a better digital marketer.

Ditch your keyboard as often as possible. Make handwriting your default medium even when it’s counter-intuitive.

* Ditch your phone/laptop if and when we get back to office life

* Turn off all your other apps, including and especially slack and email
* No other tabs open
* Video-on, hands off mouse and keyboard

Write a landing page by hand; write an email nurture by hand; write out strategy; write out your to do list or projects. You can’t erase easily so you get all your ideas down in a true, unfiltered first draft.

Okay so I get all the benefits of remembering shit more but if I start hand writing all my emails my process seems longer with typing my work up. So the argument is that the time you spend focused handwriting that email, combine that with the digitizing part, is still faster and if more quality than starting in Google Docs.

Of course you’ll end up typing it, and if you think it’s crazy onerous, think that the average person types 45 words or 200 character per minute; i bet you’ll be faster and your ideas will beg to be put on the page

Anecdote, I find hand-writing unlocks my creative process and actually makes me the final product come together much quicker

Reading internet articles? Want to actually retain that information? Handwrite your notes

Tons of research proving that retention is better with handwritten notes.

The gist is that your macbook impairs or negativaly impacts learning or quality work because your keyboard typing involves shallower processing compared to handwriting. So, more parts of your brain are used when handwriting vs. just typing, so you’re able to store it more accurately.

Learning to code
Anecdote, learning coding and it definitely doesn’t come natural; I started with online tutorials, multiple screens, and my IDE; When I started handwriting, I actually started to comprehend the material; took summer off and found that I retained information better than I expected; I’m taking this even further and literally writing all my code by hand; typing code is like driving a racecar after riding a bicycle; my comprehension and confidence is actually improving

Next time you need to write something, try outline with paper, write draft in keyboard.

Intro music by Wowa via Unminus, Artwork by SLB

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